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tobillama's Journal

Just ask if you want to know me. Blow off if you want to show me. I am predgudious against certian types of people, unless you've pissed me off some how you aren't one of those people. I am not a christian so don't try to shove that shit on me...you will get on my shit list very fast for that. I have those I love and care for. Everyone else can bite me if they don't like it. I am me. that's all I will be and will ever be. Don't like me don't look at me. :)

my favorite sayings are:
"live with out regret for you never know when you will draw your last breath"~ me
"The dark cloaked strangers in the shadows are merely the darkness of our hearts." ~me
" Venimus, vidimus, vicimus."
"Carpe diem"
"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die." ~ Linkin Park
oh and also HEY CHICKA BUM BUM XD -1!

p.s. i enjoy studying most religions I have a distaste for christianity because of some of the things I have seen and expierenced. But I am willing to give a person a chance.