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Pure curiosity
So I'm doing a little 'social expirement' for lack of better term, to see which people would think is more honorable. A human, or a wolf and why? If you want to put your two cents in feel free if not, that's cool too. Like I said, it's just pure curiosity.

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Wolves, and most other animals, don't think in abstractions like "honor". Not that they're not sentient! But almost all living creatures other than humans are fundamentally pragmatic: Can I eat it? Will it eat me? Can I mate with it? Does it need my help? Can I have fun with it?

So a human being will be more "honorable", by human definitions of "honor". Keep in mind that human definitions of "honor" include things like "I must kill my daughter and publicly display her mutilated corpse, because she 'dishonored' the family," or "I must kill you, because you implied that I might not be heterosexual enough," or "I must kill myself, because I'll never be beautiful enough." (Of course, other definitions of "honor" include variations on "I must be as kind, respectful, and helpful as I can be.")

A wolf will kill you, or else not. That's pretty much it.

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