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It's just another day.
killer kitten
Got a newish job at Wal-mart a few weeks ago, had my job threatened two nights ago. Last night worked my ass off and got a compliment.
On a less mediocre side, Corina and I are going to the fair on Thorsday. A coworker of mine was suppose to join us and got told otherwise due to complications with scheduling. More alone time for her and I, which might I add is much needed. Our time together is mostly quantity not quality.
I am getting a new phone, LG Volt, in tomorrow hopefully it'll be here when I get back to the house from school, if not whatever. It'll be here eventually.
On a somewhat upside as well we got a new bed, it's more firm than I like but she can sleep better so I'll deal with it until it's broke in.
On a grander note, I got told that Corina will be getting me my concealed carry permit and agreed to let me get a firearm, as long as I keep it away from everyone else. I'm currently looking at 9mm under $500 with any luck I'll find something I know will be reliable in a pinch. Am also thinking of getting a hunting rifle for deer hunting. The thought of making deer jerky makes my mouth water. *wipes away a little drool* Not sure what size I want to get yet so sill looking. Though one firearm at a time. Though a 9mm isn't what I like to use, it'll be better in the long run to help get my wrist and forearm strength up until I can handle a .45 again.
We'll see what happens in the coming months.

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You might want to talk to scarybaldguy about different firearms. He seems to know an awful lot about many different kinds of them, and also where to go for bargains.

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